Cable Ship MIRROR (2)

Miscellaneous. watercolour signed (lower right) G Sidney James; undated.

Cable Ship MIRROR (2)

8 x 11 ins (20 x 28 cms) approx

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This original has been sold and is no longer available.

Built by John Brown on the River Clyde in Scotland and completed in 1923 for the Eastern Telegraph Company as a cable repair vessel, MIRROR (2) transferred to Imperial and International Communications in 1929 and thence to Cable & Wireless.  She had a very busy working life and an exciting and sometimes dangerous  war, being mainly based in Gibraltar and Ascension Island. After the war Gibralatr became her base port it seems and she operated out of there until the early 1960s; she was scrapped in 1964 after a busy 40 years.

 G Sidney James, the artist, kept his light under a bushel it seems and apart from being noted in references as a 20th century marine artist little further light can be thrown on him!  From what one can tell from this watercolour he was a competent dratftsman of ships and was a successful painter of seas.