HMS HOOD in Plymouth Sound 1929

. Watercolour signed and dated 1929.

HMS HOOD in Plymouth Sound 1929

14 x 4.7 ins (36 x 12 cms) approx


This original has been sold and is no longer available.

A very attractive little waterclour of this iconic battle cruiser whose graceful lines are very apparent in this painting.  From the detail Frank Watson Wood has given us it would appear that HOOD is carrying out a boat transfer within the Sound: she is not at anchor or a buoy (no jack) and back aft a small boat is alongside the quarterdeck - the lowest and therefore the easiest place to load and unload the mail and some stores and spares and the odd member of the ship's company or visitor either going ashore or coming onboard.  In the background astern of HOOD is a battleship of the Queen Elizabeth Class.  Judging by the dockyard paddle tug splashing towards the battleship she could well be planning on coming up harbour with the tug in close attendance just in case a nudge is needed to get the battleship round some of the tight bends that lie ahead of her.