HMS NORFOLK, heavy cruiser, In Northern Waters WW2

Maritime Originals. monocrome.


30 x 52 cms (11.5 x 20.5 ins)

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This striking painting first appeared in the Sphere magazine on 22nd January 1944 which sought to betray to its readers a typical hard working cruiser, this one in an especially harsh environment, Artic waters.  For 30 weeks in 1942 NORFOLK (Captain Donald Bain) patrolled these icy wastes and in December 1943 she was given her just reward and was heavily involved in the Battle of The North Cape when Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser brought the German battle cruiser SCHARNHORST to action on Boxing Day.  The light cruisers BELFAST and SHEFFIELD were also part of the action, Admiral Fraser with his flag in the 14 inch battleship HMS DUKE OF YORK (Captain the Hon Guy Russell).  NORFOLK, who had also been piviotal in the detection, shadowing and subsequent destruction of BISMARCK two years earlier, spent 30 weeks in Arctic waters in 1942 her Log revealing that she rounded North Cape at least 16 times during the war.